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S3 is a software development focused company.  That's what we're passionate about and we are committed to bringing providing high-quality software solutions to our customers.    We specialize in the building of innovative, custom, enterprise software applications and systems for federal agencies, leveraging agile processes, with an emphasis on Cloud Computing and Migration.   Our core competencies are in the following software disciplines:

S3 has supported its customers building full-stack, web-based applications in the AWS C2S environment.  We have assisted several of our Sponsor organizations in meeting their goals of migrating legacy applications and building new tools/applications for operation in the AWS C2S environment.  Through our successful re-engineering and migration of legacy applications and systems to the cloud, the agencies we serve have benefited from the cost savings associated with operating in the cloud environment.  We’ve also supported our customer by building applications that have allowed them to respond to short turn-around, congress directives and we were able to successfully deliver ahead of schedule.  We make it our business to understand the goals and challenges of our primes and agency customers (even as they evolve) to ensure that we are able to consistently exceed their expectations in terms of the quality of the custom software solutions we provide and time to delivery.

Agile Software Development

System Design 

Cloud Computing & Migration

Big Data Analytics


Usability Engineering

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S3 Software Developers are experienced in full-lifecycle software development.  We have in-depth knowledge of requirements analysis, software design and implementation, integration and test, and product delivery.  They are also well versed, experienced and many are certified in Agile software development methodologies and processes.

S3 System Designers/Architects have extensive experience in software development providing the ability to avoid realization issues and enable unanticipated extension in future stages of the system.  Our engineers specialize in Service Oriented and cloud-based architectures.

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S3 is positioning itself to fast become one of the leading consultants and implementers in cloud-based computing specializing in the Amazon, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud platforms. Our developers are consistently training and obtaining certifications in this space and competencies include: Hadoop, Accumulo, Spark, HBase, Hive, Pig, Cassandra, Map Reduce, Elastic Search and more.

More than ever, today's organizations are challenged with big data management and the ability to make that data continuously available for data scientists.  Our team understands these significant challenges and is continuously building the core expertise in the open source tools to help connect, ingest, govern, secure and manage data, and successfully supporting data science and real-time analytics projects.


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Secure development and deployment operations (SecDevOps) can be a challenge in a single cloud environment. Application development and deployment becomes increasing complex when performed in a multi-cloud environment.S3 Engineers understand the increasing importance of agile development and operations supporting continuous delivery.  We can assist with process establishment and implementation.

Usability engineering approaches software development with a concern for how users interact with technology and requires a firm knowledge of computer science and cognitive psychology. Being a custom software development organization, S3 understands the importance of usability engineering in association with web-based product development and we are pleased to have certified usability engineers as key members of our team.

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