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Corporate Benefits Summary


Sabree offers a Cafeteria-style plan that allows team members to choose from the available corporate benefits that best suit their needs.  Where specific benefits do not meet the individual needs/circumstances of a team member, the value of the benefit will be added as additional compensation in the form of salary.  A summarized list of our core corporate benefits is provided below (it is not a complete list of our available offerings). 




1.  Understand that Sabree is always working to improve the quality of each team members experience with the company.  As such, we are always looking to add to the suite of benefits offered and even change an existing benefit if a better option is found (always with minimal impact to the team members).

2.  Hovering over each benefit offering will provide more information about the benefit.  If you have an interest in obtaining specifics about the S3 benefit offerings, please Contact US.



Group Health Insurance

Group Dental Insurance

Group Vision Insurance

Health Spending

Account (HSA)

Group Long Term

Disability (LTD)

Group Short Term

Disability (STD)


Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account (FSA)

Life Insurance

Training Allowance

Training Allowance

Technology Allowance

Technology Allowance



Cell Phone/Internet Allowance

Heath & Wellness Allowance

Time Off