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S3 is an team member-centric organization.   You may ask, what is that?  What does that mean?  Well for us, it's creating an environment where we honor our employees, where we take care of them, so they can then feel good about taking care of our customers.  We understand that we are only as strong as our team members, so we strive to create an environment where our team member feel appreciated. 


S3 works to ensure we pay our team members very well, that we offer the best benefits we can and that we invest in their technical development so  they are able to write quality, clean, readable, testable and maintainable code when implementing customer solutions. 

To successfully achieve and maintain the team member-centric environment we are passionate about, we employ the 5 C's.

1. Commitment

S3 was established with the vision of being that organization where its team members are treated so well that they can't see themselves leaving or even able to go anywhere else and have a better experience.  As such, from inception we've made a commitment to creating and maintaining a team member-centric organization.  That commitment is essential to realizing our goal of people first.

2. Care

We genuinely care about each and every one of our team members and their families, and, we want them to be successful.  We value their individual and collective contributions.  When your team can take pride in the value you place on them, it translates into the work the out out in support of our customers.

3. Celebration

We look to provide opportunities for our team members to come together to get to know each other and to celebrate corporate achievements, team members successes as well as, holidays and special occasions.  Providing fun occasions to balance out the hard work is extremely important to us.

4. Communication

Team members need to feel that the lines of communication are open and they're able to express their concerns, share their thoughts and propose ideas.  At S3 we encourage our team members to express themselves with the understanding that their ideas about ways to improve the company are always welcome.

5. Community

S3 is committed to volunteering in the community and charitable giving core to our company values. We've made donations to organizations that our team members have expressed a passion for and we will continue to learn what our team members are passionate about, and find ways to contribute to those causes, and to support organizations that align with your corporate values. We are also committed to understanding what our organization can do within our community to make life just a little bit better for everyone around us, while helping our feel a sense of community inside and outside the walls of the company.

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