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User Experience (UX) for Developers

Course Number:  S3_UX_101


Duration: 1 day


User Experience (UX) engineering approaches software development with a concern for the user’s interaction with and perceptions about a product. UX design and development includes elements of computer science, cognitive science, usability, accessibility, and other disciplines of human-computer interaction. UX designers and developers rely on user research and an understanding of user goals, abilities, limitations, and expectations to make informed design decisions and deliver products that provide an optimal user experience.


You Will Learn

  • What is UX

  • Why UX matters

  • The role developers play in delivering good UX

  • How disabilities affect UX (accessibility)

  • How cognitive science affects UX (usability)

  • How to gain insight about users to help solve design problems


Who Should Attend

Web developers who want to gain an understanding about how they can improve the user experience of their applications.


Recommended Experience

Knowledge of application development and design process




Course Tuition Includes:

  • Course Materials

  • Breakfast Offering

  • Lunch Offering



Training Course

Standard Course Hours:  9:00am – 4:30pm

After Class: Instructor will be available for 30 minutes after class for discussions and questions