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Our Services

Sabree Software Services, Inc. (S3) prides itself on maintaining expertise in a broad set of industry tools and methodologies.  We believe in encouraging and supporting our engineers to continually expand their knowledge base of both staple and growing tools and technologies in each of its core competency areas.    
Software Development

​S3 Software Developers are experienced in full-lifecycle software development.  We have in-depth knowledge of requirements analysis, software design and inplementation, integration and test, and product delivery.

Big Data & Analytics

More than ever, today's organizations are challenged with big data management and the ability to make that data continuously available for data scientists.  Our team understands these significant challenges and is continuously building the core expertise in the open source tools to

help connect, ingest, govern, secure and manage data, and successfully supporting data science and real-time analytics projects.

Project Management

Our team understands the importance and value of putting the product in front of the customer consistently, at regular intervals.  Adaptive planning, evolutionary development, early delivery, and continuous improvement encourage agility.

Our Project Managers are well versed in the world of Agile or extreme software development and are extremely capable of leading development teams employing the latest and most effective management methodologies.

System Design

S3 System Designers/Architects have extensive experience in software development providing the ability to avoid realization issues and enable unanticipated extension in future stages of the system.  Our engineers specialize in Service Oriented and cloud-based architectures.

Usability Engineering

Usability engineering approaches software development with a concern for how users interact with technology and requires a firm knowledge of computer science and cognitive psychology. Being a custom software development organization, S3 understands the importance of usability engineering in association with web-based product development and we are pleased to have certified usability engineers as key members of our team.

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Cloud Computing

S3 is positioning itself to fast become one of the leading consultants and implementers in
cloud-based computing specializing in the Amazon, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud platforms. Our developers are consistently training and obtaining certifications in this space and competencies include: Hadoop, Accumulo, Spark, HBase, Hive, Pig, Cassandra, Map Reduce, and others.


S3 Engineers understand the increasing importance of agile development and operations supporting continuous delivery.  We can assist with process establishment and implementation.

Automated Testing

Testing is often an afterthought which leads to fragile and vulnerable software products.  S3 Test Engineers and developers understand the importance of testing and heavily applyi agile test practices like Acceptance Test Driven Development (ATDD) and Test Driven Development (TDD) at the onset of the product development cycle.  We have extensive experience in automated unit, integration, user acceptance, functional and performance testing.