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ITDP Internship

Competition Overview

This internship is designed to give students the opportunity to learn about new and emerging technologies in the industry. Students will not only learn the latest and most used tools but apply them in a project that we will assign to them. They will also learn the key methodologies used in industry currently.

This internship/ Co-Op is an elective lab. We are targeting 4 sophomores and 4 Juniors for this Co-Op. With those 8 students we will be split students into 2 groups each containing 2 sophomores and 2 Juniors. Each group will have a DeVops, back end, front end, and data engineer. It will be 2 semester duration and will hold one class each semester.

Upcoming Dates

Information session 1 March 24 12:00 PM at Hunter McDaniel room 28E

Information Session 2 March 31 12:00 PM at Hunter McDaniel room 28E

Sabree Software Services is pleased to partner with Virginia State University to offer the Industry Technology Development Program (ITDP). 

The ITDP is intended to

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